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About Home Stretch Seattle


Mandi Headrick MS, ATC

Flexibility and Ergonomic Coach

Hey ya'll! My name is Mandi and I received my Masters in Athletic Training at the University of West Alabama in  2017. I have worked for several companies, but have never found where I belong. As much as I loved working in the world of athletes, I found my true passion providing care to everyday workers. Which is why I started Home Stretch Seattle.   My goal is to provide top quality stretching to everyone conveniently and at an affordable price. I want to see people improve their quality of life and to enhance their life experiences doing the things they love. I promise I will give all of my effort to improve your everyday life through stretching, flexibility, and ergonomic coaching in your own home. Thank you for visiting my page!

What is Home Stretch Seattle?

Thousands of people have pain caused by bad posture and inflexibility due to prolonged sitting/lifting and improper working mechanics. Education and body awareness is everything for those who have discomfort in everyday activities. 
When you work with Home Stretch Seattle, together we'll discover where biomechanical asymmetry is occurring and use strategic counter stretching to combat functional impairments. When soreness and stiffness is addressed early, it helps with injury prevention in the long run. Home Stretch Seattle uses posture to assess where adjustments are needed. 
Home Stretch Seattle provides hard working adults like you with in-home, convenient, stretching to support you through your day. The flexibility coach is an anatomy specialist whose passion for flexibility fuels their desire for posture awareness and education. We use a posture assessment approach, posture correction through stretching, ergonomic training and best practices, as well as an individualized stretching program tailored for your body's needs. Home Stretch Seattle is a nontraditional approach to stretching and is the resolution to keep the modern-day desk workers happy, injury, and pain free.

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