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Mandi Headrick MS, ATC (she, they)

Athletic Trainer and Founder of Home Stretch Seattle

Mandi Headrick, MS, ATC

My name is Mandi Headrick, and I'm the founder of HomeStretchSeattle, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of chronic pain management. Having graduated from The University of West Alabama in 2017 with a Masters in Physical Education and Athletic Training, my career commenced in acute pain settings with athletic teams. Torn ACL's, ankle sprains, shoulder separations you name it I've rehabilitated it. However, my journey has taken me into nontraditional environments, including physical therapy clinics, industrial settings, chiropractic clinics, and companies focusing on stretch therapy.

Professional Journey and Expansion into Ergonomic Coaching

My professional passion lies in chronic pain management, ergonomics, stretching, mobility, flexibility, and mental health and wellness. I've developed a methodology that addresses chronic pain by strategically countering everyday physical forces. Stretching, as it turns out, plays a key role in maintaining a balanced musculoskeletal system, counteracting the constant compressive forces imposed by gravity.

Home Stretch Seattle: A Beacon of Wellness in the Workplace

Daily activities often induce asymmetry, misaligned joints, increasing compensations, and leading us to chronic pain. My approach emphasizes deliberate counter movements through stretching to decompress the body. This method is both preventive and rehabilitative, effectively addressing imbalances resulting from our everyday modern lifestyles.

Innovative Approach and Personalized Care

Incorporating stretching into weekly routines is a proactive strategy for achieving overall comfort in ourselves, not only physically but also mentally. I firmly believe that our external bodies are reflective of our internal emotional state, and reducing pain contributes to a positive state of mind. My methodology diverges from traditional physical therapy by focusing on releasing tight/short muscles causing biomechanical imbalances instead of strengthening weak/long ones, getting you out of pain faster. It's easier to release the shorter side rather than to strengthen the weaker side.

Empowering Intentional Movement: HomeStretchSeattle's Mission in Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can significantly impact mental health. But, I want to note that pain is not inherently negative because it can encourage us to create change for ourselves and this awareness is the driving force behind HomeStretchSeattle. My mission is to teach individuals in the comfort of their homes how intentional movement can empower them, offering insights into pain management. I am committed to fostering a world with fewer individuals experiencing pain, and HomeStretchSeattle is dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels cared for, seen, respected, and understood in their struggles with chronic pain. It is my utmost compassion that propels this mission to decrease pain everywhere.

Fun Facts about Mandi

Some interesting facts about me: I was a college athlete! I played softball for 18 years and was a cheerleader (I will be cheering you on) and have had my fair share of pain so understand its complexities. For fun, I love to ski, fish, do (lots) of yoga, boulder, I still play softball locally, dance to funky music, run, meditation and breathing practices, and of course stretch! Everything I teach is something I've practiced, this isn't just my job- it's my way of life. I wish peace,happiness, and light for folks everywhere. I hope to stretch with you soon!

Empower Growth

I believe that stretching is not only a physical activity, but also a mental and emotional one. Stretching can help you relax, release tension, and improve your mood. It can also boost your creativity, focus, and memory. Stretching can enhance your life experiences, whether you enjoy hiking, gardening, playing with your kids, or anything else.

Thank you for choosing Home Stretch Seattle, and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

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