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Enjoy the convenience of one-on-one coaching sessions in the privacy of your home. Please refer to the map for your specific location.

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Mercer Island


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Black Diamond
Fall City
Federal Way
Maple Valley
Mill Creek
North Bend
West Seattle
Surrounding Areas

If you have any questions regarding your service zone, or would like to request an exception to our service area, please contact us.

Choose your service

Book a single stretch session for yourself or a double stretch session for you and another person. Please note: scheduling a 2-hour stretch session for an individual is not recommended.

Stretching Services Zone One

Stretching Services Zone Two

Specialty Services

What's Included:

  • Full functional movement assessment and impairment analysis: understand your body's unique dynamics with a thorough assessment, pinpointing areas of imbalance and potential improvement.

  • One-Hour consultation: dive into a personalized consultation, combining the insights of a stretch coach and anatomy specialist. Discover tailored strategies to enhance your flexibility and refine your posture and flexibility, injury prevention, and enhanced well-being, this program is your personalized roadmap to success.

  • Posture Training: Elevate your daily movements with targeted posture training. Learn techniques that not only correct but empower you to maintain optimal alignment in every activity.

  • Ergonomic Training: Redefine the way you work and move with our ergonomic training. Discover best practices that align with your body's natural mechanics, promoting comfort and productivity.

  • Individualized Stretching Program: Experience a stretching session crafted exclusively for your body's needs. Whether you're aiming for increased flexibility, injury prevention, or enhanced well-being, this program is your personalized roadmap to success.

*This is not a replacement for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or any other therapy prescribed by a medical professional.

Please note that a 15-minute grace period follows the scheduled start time of your appointment. If you are unable to meet me (e.g., not at home or overslept), I will leave after 15 minutes, and no refund will be provided.

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