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Home Stretch Seattle

What to expect.

As a trauma-informed clinician, I prioritize viewing individuals as people first and bodies second. In my practice, I adhere to the belief that emotions are stored in the body.


If you experience tightness or discomfort in your body, it may serve as an external expression of your internal emotional state. Consequently, therapy may be recommended in conjunction with this approach. The overarching objective of this therapeutic work is to facilitate the reconnection of individuals to their bodies, fostering a deeper connection with oneself.


Recognizing that our bodies play a crucial role in decision-making, this process aims to engage our entire selves rather than relying solely on the brain for decision-making.

Non-Touch Options Available: If you prefer not to be touched during the session, that's completely fine! This doesn't have to be a hands-on appointment. Your comfort is a priority, and accommodations can be tailored to your preferences.

Schedule A Session

First Session

The initial appointment involves a comprehensive conversation to gather a thorough history, allowing me to understand your body's unique experiences better.

Home Stretch Seattle Book a Session

1. Booking:

Find your location zone, login, schedule, and pay for your appointment through our online portal.


Home Stretch Seattle Comes to Your Home

2. Location:

I'll bring the stretch session to you, whether it's at your office, home, church, or any place you choose! Your flexibility, your way.

3. Clothing:
Our sessions are conducted fully clothed. Please wear comfortable attire that allows your body to move freely and without restriction.

Home Stretch Seattle

4. Arrival and Conversation:

Upon arrival, I'll set up and sanitize my table while we engage in a discussion about your body's current condition.

Home Stretch Seattle
Home Stretch Seattle

5. Warm-up Movements:
To prepare your body, we'll initiate with gentle warm-up exercises. This process enhances blood circulation, provides warmth to specific areas, and signals the central nervous system for upcoming stretching and movement.

Home Stretch Seattle

6. Table Session:

Next, we'll move to the table to explore passive ranges of motion. During this phase, we'll engage in coordinated movement and breathing exercises together for the remainder of the session, with the total stretch time usually around 50 minutes.

7. Progressions:

In the initial sessions, the primary focus is on alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. As your progress continues, we'll integrate floor stretches and movements to help sustain and improve the overall range of motion in your body.

Home Stretch Seattle

8. Personalization:

Every session is crafted uniquely to the specific needs of your body. While you may notice similarities, there will never be a set routine – each experience is distinct and personalized.

Home Stretch Seattle
Home Stretch Seattle

9. Home Exercises:

I'll supply you with stretches to practice independently, allowing for ongoing improvement and progress.

Home Stretch Seattle

10. Parasympathetic Response:

Feeling tired or cold may signal the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, a positive sign of progress. If fatigued, consider taking a nap. If cold, warm up with a hot shower or bath to stabilize your body's response.

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