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Pain Management

Why have we normalized it? Why is pain so prevalent that we don't even discuss it, assuming it's a universal experience? Why boast about having a high pain tolerance as if enduring pain is commendable? I have numerous questions about this seemingly unnecessary human behavior. In my perspective, pain should not be normalized; it's our body's plea for attention and care. If the risk of injury or further harm looms large, pain serves as a clear indicator of our body's need for relief. Instead of accepting pain as inevitable, we should embark on a mission to make ourselves comfortable. I'm talking about all pain. Ideally we should responding to pain as if it's our inner child asking for help completing a difficult task.

Yes, pain is inevitable—everyone experiences it. The level we experience it depends on our gravity reversing movement practice(commonly known as stretching of coarse)! Let's allow ourselves the liberty to seek less discomfort, investing time in understanding our bodies and interpreting the signals they send, rather than enduring pain and proudly showcasing it as if it were a badge of honor to attain. Imagine reaching a point where celebrating a reduced pain tolerance becomes a norm because we've embraced curiosity about our body's messages without shame. The hard truth about mobility is that it’s a constant journey, if you are in a routine of compression (any kind of physical training class, fitness kick, whatever) in order to reap the physical benefits of your movement practice you must unload/decompress both physically and mentally (the breath). To much compression increases the pressure in our joints. It's no wonder everyone you know has arthritis!

What if we reprogramed our response to pain to initiate intentional stretching movements that reduce the compressive forces pain indicates as present? It's time to normalize having a low pain tolerance and cease perpetuating harm on ourselves and others with the "high pain tolerance" gloat. With all the love in my little tiny fiery heart, cut that shit out and prioritize our well-being!


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