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Why Do We Need to Stretch?

Why do we need to strecth.

WHY?!?!?!?! Because, gravity! I don't need to tell you that!!! It makes perfect sense when you put it that wayyyyyy!!!!!! 😉 - you know I'm teasing, love you mucho. Stretching is crucial for maintaining a healthy and balanced musculoskeletal system; it serves as a means to counteract the constant compressive forces exerted on the body by gravity. Our daily activities subject us to positions that create asymmetry and place uneven stress on our muscles and joints. My theory (my brand of crazy) emphasizes the significance of engaging in deliberate counter movements through global stretching techniques to decompress the body joint by joint. By moving the body in the opposite direction to its usual postures, we can actively redistribute the responsibilities of the musculoskeletal system, promoting equal engagement and reducing the likelihood of pain and discomfort. This approach is not only preventive but also rehabilitative, helping to alleviate imbalances caused by modern lifestyles and fostering overall flexibility and well-being. That's a two-for-one bogo deal ya'll! You're welcome. Incorporating stretching into our routines becomes a proactive strategy for maintaining bodily harmony in the face of gravitational challenges. Stretching is like flossing; it's pivotal to our quality of life and can be the determining factor of whether life after 65 is enjoyable (that's how I got my dentist to stretch; now that's peer pressure!). It's always the right time to start creating space in our bodies. The longer you've gone without stretching, the more achy it'll be (so be aware of the story you tell yourself-"I'm not flexible" - no one can do anything until they practice it) but it's never too late to start! Get on the floor and just roll around and take some big ole breaths! Simply by changing gravity's directional pull and breathing into those new spaces on a hard floor surface is considered stretching because you changed gravities force on you. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after! Funny fact: I've found people who need stretching the most yawn A LOT when we stretch together! It's fair to say we definitely don't yawn in high-stress situations unless you're suffering from extreme exhaustion, then please go take a nap! So yawning is a good indicator of your need for a decompressing force. (Parasympathetic nervous system response, very intriguing) Stretching tells your body that you are safe and can relax, there is no threat, and to let your guard down. It's also why I recommend doing it before bed! It tells your body know it's time to calm down and go into a restful state. Dear body, you don't have to tighten down and protect me right now; we are undoing the compression of the day, it's time to decompress and rest. Please leave a comment/review on the review page of your experience! I'd love to hear about it! 😊


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